Saturday, 31 March 2012

DIY: add some colours to your accessories

I had a great haul shopping at shopwildwolves.
This spring, if you wanna add some colours to your accessories collection, I may have something for you here. (:

I saw this at asos, similar concept earrings here.

And I decided to.......DUPE IT. (With flash.)

(Without flash) The ring on the background is the ring from asos.

See the differences? I'm in love with my new set of rings.  
On nails: For audrey; Chinaglaze

From left to right, for audrey, lilacism, or 205, la girl, skinfood.

So how did I achieve this look? The answer to it is…… Nail polish! 

It’s really simple. The ring came in with dividers in place so there’s no trouble in the ratio of painting. Just paint one layer of nail polish in the colour that you fancy per portion. Its ok to let it overlap a lil, we’ll remove it later. Once all the colours are in, with the use of a cotton bud and nail polish remover(Sally Hansen), gently swab the dividers to let the gold show, it’ll really enhance the look. Once the touch ups are complete, use a clear nail polish to give it some shine and you are done! Easy right?

For the ring on the left, I used some sort of blue from skinfood, I can’t read Korean and thus can’t list the actual shade here. I also used the coral red from LA girls under the disco brites series. 

For the ring on the left, I used Lilacism from Essie, For Audrey from China Glaze, OR205 from thefaceshop. (: 

Friday, 30 March 2012

OOTD: stars and stones

I know the hair probably don't suit the outfit.

My new dreamcatcher! Oh, how I love dreamcatcher, I need more of these babies!

And yes, I'm insanely in love with this pair of mint green shoes. I just love the colour. I've been searching for pastel colours, but failed! ):

Black top
Shorts; Bangkok
Leatherette red clutch
Bracelet; a gift(blue), TE (nude), The bluez ( silver)
Ring; originated from Shopwildwolves DIY tutorial here

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I decided to wear something cooling to school that day, why? Cause the sun was being unbearable, it was smothering warm that day! So I figured, I should be fine with this outfit and skipped my cardigan. Big mistake! The outfit serves me well enough throughout the journey to school, but that’s it. I was freezing my brain off during lecture and had to borrow a jacket from my classmate. So girls, remember, don’t ever be lazy, if you are afraid of the cold; have your jacket with you at all times. Else, like me, you just might regret your decision made out of laziness. ):

Thursday, 29 March 2012

OOTD; Rock your way to grunge

Love this pose max. Though I looked a lil sleepy here. Can't be helped, I had morning lecture that day.. ):

Pardon me if you realised that, these days, my photos are always in weird poses. I'm practising my poses for an upcoming shoot in May. Theme might be jungle girl/leatherette lady. =D Still undergoing discussion. 

I love the back cut of this jacket, the way it "winged out"?

I'm trying to include half body shots for OOTDs, so that you ladies can see my accessories pairing better. (:

 Top; Bangkok
Shorts; Forever 21
Military jacket
Booties; Asos 
Bracelet; Bugis(pink), the bluez( silver), TE(nude)
Rings; Asos(silver-black gem),  Shopwildwolves (DIY, Tri-coloured)

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I decided to go all out tough for this look with the studs, ripped tank top and the blacks.

And no, I’m not a christian, if you are wondering, what religion am I of. I used to do morning prayers back then in secondary school. Since I’m from an Anglican school, naturally there will be chapel days, and morning prayers. I’m kinda a free-thinker yet not, hmmm. How do I explain this? 

I go to temples since young, all for one reason, my grandma believes in Buddhism, and I’m not supposed to consume beef in any of my meals whether it’s in the house or not (depending on how strict you are, some people consume beef when they are not at home). For me, I do eat beef when I’m out, so, I’m more of a, I believe in the existence of Gods, many Gods. But I don’t necessarily belong to any religion. So if I do pray out of my own accord, I usually pray to Gods, instead of just one God. Though these days, I always visit the temple with my grandma, one is to accompany her, two, since she believes in Buddhism, I’ll pray to Buddhism for her well-being….

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

OOTD: whimsical box

I was going to pair this vest in another outfit, but I decided, it wouldn't hurt repeating it eh?

Yeah, my dog likes to join the fun. 

It was supposed to be a shopping date. Then it had to rain! Resulting in change of plans, instead of Bugis, I went Tampines. Not too bad, I found some comfy basics, so comfy that I feel like rolling around my bed with it. 


Of course, I just had to camwhore a little.

Smile, (:

White top; Bugis
Grey Vest; Bugis Bhg
Checkered shorts; Far east plaza
Belt; Bangkok
Heels; Asos
Bangles; Bugis
Earrings; Bugis

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I realised a lot of my wardrobe came from Bugis, Scape or overseas. Reason for that? I don’t like to spend more than S$30 for a piece of clothing. Or rather, I try not to spend more than $30. I have different amount set for different types of wardrobe, i.e the necklaces, the rings and so on so forth.  I know some of you go for quality and don’t mind spending a bit more. For me? I know myself best, I change through clothing faster than throwing a tissue away. So, I’ve to set a budget for myself  to help me save some money. Cause girls, you all know how hard it is to resist shopping, I’m not that delusional to trust that I can cut down on my shopping. Instead, I cut down on my budget. It seems to work pretty well for me. If you have excessive shopping issues, try this, who knows, it might just work! Do share with me of your saving methods!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

OOTD: Happy wings

I love this picture!

This is me resting during the shoot. HAHA

The back view, looks like wings huh?

Cus, I'm cool like that, just kidding. 

Keep getting caught while resting. =/

I kinda miss my long hair. Ah.. 

I was actually pretty happy that day, but somehow, I just didn't smile for the photos.

The footwear of the day. Insanely high heels, well, IMO. And no, they aren't mine. 

Some backscene 

I was resting, yeah, AGAIN.

I looked so happy here! Love it!

Fringe jacket; G
White dress; LLB
Watch(old); Armani Exchange 
Bracelet; Shopwildwolves, Bugis

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This is just one of the shoots I did last year. Especially love this shoot, because it's done with two of my favourite girls. (:

Thursday, 22 March 2012

OOTD: when cupid strikes and the bell chimes

Dress; BC
Heels(old); Charles & Keith
Bag (old); Kate Spade
Ring; Forever 21

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Love is in the air this day, Cupid’s aim struck true and the church bells chimed. Well, a girl could always dream even though the main lead isn’t me. It’s my beloved brother’s registry of marriage (ROM) day!  Lo and behold, I’ve another sister-in-law nestled into my family tree. (:  I’ll miss my brother dearly, but nonetheless, I’m still happy for him. Gods bless this marriage with everlasting love and happiness. (:Don’t you just love the lace on this dress, Gods know I do.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

OOTD: knitty gritty


Some fun photos below that I took last year with my girlfs. (:

I know I looked damn havoc here. =/

Brown Knit; Bugis
Black Skirt;  Mayuki Tokyo 
Heels; Far east plaza
Metal cuff; Malacca
Rings; Forever 21 

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I wore this last year during the winter season, in Singapore’s case; it’ll be the monsoon season, which are also freakishly cold, brrrr. So as all of you should know by now, I’ve zero tolerance towards the cold, so I decided to style with knit during the photoshoot.

Truth to be told, not much styling was involved, I simply added sheer stockings and scarf to the mix, and voila, outfit is out. Also, the scarf came in handy because I don’t know why it didn’t occurred to me that the knit is in crochet form and thus would be “see through”. I actually wore it out without any inner slip, scarf to the rescue! 

I retook the outfit, because I realised the lighting runs a little dark in the photoshoot, and this time, I skipped the scarf and stockings all for one reason, it wasn’t cold on the day that I did the shoot.