Wednesday, 28 March 2012

OOTD: whimsical box

I was going to pair this vest in another outfit, but I decided, it wouldn't hurt repeating it eh?

Yeah, my dog likes to join the fun. 

It was supposed to be a shopping date. Then it had to rain! Resulting in change of plans, instead of Bugis, I went Tampines. Not too bad, I found some comfy basics, so comfy that I feel like rolling around my bed with it. 


Of course, I just had to camwhore a little.

Smile, (:

White top; Bugis
Grey Vest; Bugis Bhg
Checkered shorts; Far east plaza
Belt; Bangkok
Heels; Asos
Bangles; Bugis
Earrings; Bugis

Hype this look at chictopia and

I realised a lot of my wardrobe came from Bugis, Scape or overseas. Reason for that? I don’t like to spend more than S$30 for a piece of clothing. Or rather, I try not to spend more than $30. I have different amount set for different types of wardrobe, i.e the necklaces, the rings and so on so forth.  I know some of you go for quality and don’t mind spending a bit more. For me? I know myself best, I change through clothing faster than throwing a tissue away. So, I’ve to set a budget for myself  to help me save some money. Cause girls, you all know how hard it is to resist shopping, I’m not that delusional to trust that I can cut down on my shopping. Instead, I cut down on my budget. It seems to work pretty well for me. If you have excessive shopping issues, try this, who knows, it might just work! Do share with me of your saving methods!

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