Thursday, 29 March 2012

OOTD; Rock your way to grunge

Love this pose max. Though I looked a lil sleepy here. Can't be helped, I had morning lecture that day.. ):

Pardon me if you realised that, these days, my photos are always in weird poses. I'm practising my poses for an upcoming shoot in May. Theme might be jungle girl/leatherette lady. =D Still undergoing discussion. 

I love the back cut of this jacket, the way it "winged out"?

I'm trying to include half body shots for OOTDs, so that you ladies can see my accessories pairing better. (:

 Top; Bangkok
Shorts; Forever 21
Military jacket
Booties; Asos 
Bracelet; Bugis(pink), the bluez( silver), TE(nude)
Rings; Asos(silver-black gem),  Shopwildwolves (DIY, Tri-coloured)

Hype this look at chictopia and

I decided to go all out tough for this look with the studs, ripped tank top and the blacks.

And no, I’m not a christian, if you are wondering, what religion am I of. I used to do morning prayers back then in secondary school. Since I’m from an Anglican school, naturally there will be chapel days, and morning prayers. I’m kinda a free-thinker yet not, hmmm. How do I explain this? 

I go to temples since young, all for one reason, my grandma believes in Buddhism, and I’m not supposed to consume beef in any of my meals whether it’s in the house or not (depending on how strict you are, some people consume beef when they are not at home). For me, I do eat beef when I’m out, so, I’m more of a, I believe in the existence of Gods, many Gods. But I don’t necessarily belong to any religion. So if I do pray out of my own accord, I usually pray to Gods, instead of just one God. Though these days, I always visit the temple with my grandma, one is to accompany her, two, since she believes in Buddhism, I’ll pray to Buddhism for her well-being….

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