Saturday, 31 March 2012

DIY: add some colours to your accessories

I had a great haul shopping at shopwildwolves.
This spring, if you wanna add some colours to your accessories collection, I may have something for you here. (:

I saw this at asos, similar concept earrings here.

And I decided to.......DUPE IT. (With flash.)

(Without flash) The ring on the background is the ring from asos.

See the differences? I'm in love with my new set of rings.  
On nails: For audrey; Chinaglaze

From left to right, for audrey, lilacism, or 205, la girl, skinfood.

So how did I achieve this look? The answer to it is…… Nail polish! 

It’s really simple. The ring came in with dividers in place so there’s no trouble in the ratio of painting. Just paint one layer of nail polish in the colour that you fancy per portion. Its ok to let it overlap a lil, we’ll remove it later. Once all the colours are in, with the use of a cotton bud and nail polish remover(Sally Hansen), gently swab the dividers to let the gold show, it’ll really enhance the look. Once the touch ups are complete, use a clear nail polish to give it some shine and you are done! Easy right?

For the ring on the left, I used some sort of blue from skinfood, I can’t read Korean and thus can’t list the actual shade here. I also used the coral red from LA girls under the disco brites series. 

For the ring on the left, I used Lilacism from Essie, For Audrey from China Glaze, OR205 from thefaceshop. (: 

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