Wednesday, 29 February 2012

yet another shopping haul.

All the items together, yeah, I spent quite a bomb. 

I don't know why is it that the photo "auto-rotate" by its own! anyways, i just love the paper bags peak&pine gave me! oh the packaging, so girly, I love.

Okay, so right after my mini bout of tests and projects, I went for a much needed retail therapy! In actual fact, it’s really not mini, but this is just the “first wave” so in comparison, it’s a “mini bout”. /insert stressed up sad face.

I fell head over heels for my new boat shoes. They are actually in a pretty pastel green colour!
My latest infatuations are with the pastel green and pastel orange, I fell in love with the spring colours, namely the mint green which are getting popular, wait a minute; I think it’s already popular among you girls! I also bought a new sunnies from H&M to brace myself against the sunny weather that’s already making its presence known. I know in other countries, it probably still spring season. But here in Singapore, we are experiencing the early summer now. ): I can’t stand brightly lit place, I’ll get a headache from it, yeah, like a vampire.

The rest of my buys are mostly accessories, gosh, they are so cheap! About$5 per pc or less! Hurry down to Bugis! I’m speaking like a Bugis ambassador, laughs. I also bought two vests, one cardigan, one girly top and a toga jumpsuit. (:

I love outer wears like nothing else in the world other than accessories, dress, shoes, okay, I think you got my drift; I love almost anything that’s remotely related to fashion. But really, I tend to gravitate towards pastel colours, and outer wears.

These days, I’ve been on a look out for crochet shorts and denim jackets/ chambray tops. Oh, and the cardigan. I almost don’t go out without one in my bag, despite being “cold blooded” ( part of the walking dead ), reference from “vampire” on top, I’m immensely afraid of chilly environment, namely shopping malls and my lecture halls. *shivers* I bought the girly top, because I realized I don’t have much of these girly tops in the wardrobe. I don’t have any scallop finishing nor Peter Pan collar tops; or dresses like that too. So there you have it, an addition of another style? Oh, and I don’t have any jumpsuit with me too, haha, I think, I don’t have a lot of styles with me.

But wait, let me explain, like I said in my previous post, I’m standing at 5’9, which also means, there are a lot of jumpsuits and rompers that can’t fit me. So, in general, I tend to skip past those styles, too lazy to even try it on to see if it fits. Also mostly I do my shopping online, so naturally, it’s too big of a risk for me..

I haven’t had time to do any OOTDs, mainly because my “photographer”, J is having examinations, I’m already starting on my second bout of tests and projects, so really, the only time I actually go out is during project meetings and work. And in my opinion, none of them are lookbook/chictopia worthy.

Friday, 24 February 2012

the light of my life

My little monster

Idunno why is he hiding under J's legs, he probably thought of it as a shelter? 

Hi everyone! He is the light of my life, a 9 years old shih tzu. He is also my valentines dog! Why do I say that? Because, his birthday falls on the 14th of February! I have him when he was about 8 months old, and no, I didn't buy him. His original owner decided to give him up, because he wasn't that well trained, he bites. Well, used to, now he doesn't bite anymore, almost. But i still love him. (:

Till then, X

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

OOTD: summer breeze

this is my favourite picture!

my second favourite.
credits to: Anson Chew

Gold choker
Brown ribbon heels; xquisis

Hype this at and chictopia.

This is one of my most educating photo-shoot ever. Learnt so much from Anson. If you live in Singapore, and would like to do some photo-shoot, you can mail him at, or go to his website:, I'm not sure of his charges, you would have to discuss the fees with him, a good photographer comes with a price. (:

I love, love, love, asymmetric skirts, long cardigans. But they are always too expensive for me. ): This is one of my asymmetric skirts, well, I only have three at the moment.

I added a gold choker to bring a "pop" to the outfit. Reason for the brown shoes is because, I feel the ribbons at the back makes it ladylike, which helps blend the outfit. Makes it looks, more graceful (for the lack of better word) if you know what I mean. So what do you think?

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

OOTD: monday blues or monday greys?

This will be my favourite photo of the outfit. 

An up close shot of the collar. Imagine this look without the collar, wouldn't it be too boring?
To know more about the collar, you can view it here.



 A jacket for those who are afraid of the cold like me. (: 
It's actually studded at the side, to match my collar.


On toes, chinaglaze; secret peri-win-le. 

 If you would want some colours, you could add some bright coloured heels, for me, I think this brown heels would suffice.

 Awww, isn't this pretty? Love the ribbon, nope, this isn't one of my DIY project, I was too lazy, haha.


my poor legs, can someone tell me, how can I help make the veins less obvious? I don't think it's that bad, perhaps, it's the heels or just this photo, yeah, I keep telling myself that. Oh, and lookie, I like the little zip detail on this jeans.

Grey Heather long sleeve top (old); mayuki tokyo
Black studded jacket (old); mayuki tokyo
Charcoal jeans; a mod
Taupe heels from taiwan
Brown ribbon heels; xquisis
Leopard print belt
Watch(old); armani exchange
Peacock necklace; okibox

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Well, this outfit didn't turn out exactly like how i would expect it to be, but still good I would say. Reason for the entire grey tone of this outfit is, it's a MONDAY! I was experiencing really bad Monday blues, well, you can also think of it as Monday greys. I was really tired, I had a 830am law class to attend, prior to that, I haven't been sleeping well and have been waking up as early as 6am for school and work and photoshoot and and.. You get my drift. ):

So, how did I make the grey concept work? Well, in my way, since, I'm not a fashion consultant or anywhere near that. What I did was, I match different shades of grey or similar colour family together. For starters, the top is a heather grey shade, followed by charcoal grey jeans and taupe heels. This pair of heels will be my number 1 most comfortable heels! In fact, it's more comfortable than some of my flats! Surprising right? In the past, I used to wonder, how others would claim that they have comfortable heels, when ALL of my heels hurts so bad. Now I know, well, it's just too bad that I bought this pair of heels at Taiwan. It's a bit on the high side for me. BUT if I knew that it's this comfortable, I would have bought all colours, not kidding here, it's that comfortable.

Okay, so back to the outfit, basically, I jazzed it up with the DIY collar I made, added in a belt to add some texture, and we are done! Easy right? Give it a shot yourself, you might find the right look to look the right mood. (:

Till then, X

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

scrapbooking for you?

Aww, isn't this sweet?

 I like the squarey "bliss" and "round book".

 I like the blue "ladder" concept

 I like the concept but not the colours, a tad dull for my taste

Very cheerful theme isnt it?

Well, tomorrow it's valentines day. Technically, it's past 12mn, it's already valentines day. So, I was doing scrapbooking the other day, came across this beautiful ideas while googling. I forgot where I got all these from. As you can see, I SS them, so if you are interested in their respective pages. Google "scrapbook", they should appear <10th page. (:

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Random food and boring photos

Fish and chip, mine

Garlic bread

Aglio olio, J

We decided to head to Toa Payoh today to try a stall called the Wok Inn Fish and Chips. Well, I heard about it over the radio. Since we were in the area, we decided to try it out. Mmm, as you can see from the photos, we only tried the aglio olio, fish and chip accompanied with mashed potatoes and garlic bread. I think it only costs us about $13. The usual pricing for a coffee shop standard.
The garlic bread wasn't too bad, but the mashed potato was quite a disappointment. Just judging from the fish itself, I think I would give it a 6.5/10. Well, but I aren't a foodie. So try it out for yourself and don't trust my comments too much. As you can see, this is obviously NOT a food blog. Also, you would want to know that, I went there expecting the food to be of a certain standard.

For those of you who are keen to try the food, it's quite near the tpy interchange, you can take bus 155, 159, 28 from tpy interchange, alight at the third stop. Walk a bit ahead and you will see block 93. Obviously head on a while and you will see block 95. Use your own google map!

Wok Inn Fish and Chips
Toa Payoh Lor 4, Blk 95
Closed on Tuesdays and Monday Nights

Lotsa random photos of the boy and me, if you are not interested in seeing boring photos, stop here. (:

Till then, X.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Twilight at Vietnam

As you can see, I'm real lazy with makeup when I'm overseas.

This just reminds me of twilight, don't ask me why.

I found some photos that I took while in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh city. There isn't much to do there, seeing that I went there during Chinese Lunar New Year. All the shops there were pretty much closed, huge disappointment. But, I learnt something, you gotta pretend that you were strolling in the park while crossing the roads at Vietnam. Definitely a significant cultural difference as compared to Singapore!
Ahh, too spoilt by the singapore government. Too used to the fast paced and systematic way of singapore. I'm obviously a city girl.
Words I learnt, pho: noodles? hoa: pork? ca: fish? ga: chicken? bo: beef? they are most likely wrong, seeing that I learnt them while looking at their menu.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

OOTD: miss demure-not

miss demure-not 


I was feeling some feathers, it makes the whole outfit looks, urm, slightly hippy?  

obviously a candid shot, but i like it.

I only have two watches with me, and this is the one I always wear. I've been looking for watches, just can't seem to find my ideal one! ):

Some leopard prints loving these days, usually, I wear my new stuffs a lot, then I ditch them somewhere, never seeing the daylight again, lol.

Striped vest; rwb
Ribbed tank top; forever 21
Orange skirt; room290
Leopard print pumps
Brown clutch; xquisis
Necklace; bugis 
Watch(old); armani exchange
Gold gem ring; forever 21
Feather earring; Tampines mall

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After I came home, I realised, I didn't draw my brows! /laughs 

Recently, I've been loving the colour orange, or anything corally orange/red/pink. You know, basically that same group of colours. I find myself reaching out for orange skirt, orange top, orange shorts. Even my online buys, I've been choosing orange stuffs!

So, that day, I was having lots of random inspiration, I woke up wanting to wear my orange skirt and leopard prints pump. Then I thought, wouldn't this skirt make me look oldish and office lady like? Not a look that I fancy, so I wanted to change the feel of the outfit, that's when the vest and the necklace came in. Honestly, I didn't expect it to work! When I looked in the mirror, I was like, omg? It worked! Oh, by the way, I love my eyeliner that day, although it makes me looked like I've droopy eyes. ):

Do anyone knows how to rectify this problem? blogger is not correcting my first letter of every sentence, neither is it giving me auto caps for i. all the things im typing doesnt come with any apostrophe(')! its frustrating that ive to manually edit all my "i", "i'll", "i've", "doesn't". UGHH