Wednesday, 14 March 2012

OOTD: comfortable in orange

I was really really tired when I woke up that day, I've work later on, and possibly going for it fair.

It fair in Singapore are scary places to go if you hate crowded places! I for one, hate it fairs! They are always so mad crowded!!

Favourite picture, though I don't know what's my hand doing there, seems to have a mind of its own.

White top; Bugis
Scarf; Bangkok
Shorts; TE
Shoes; Bugis
 Ring (as brooch); Scape
Bracelet; Bugis 

Hype this look at chictopia and

When you are feeling exhausted and yet you have to drag your sorry self out of bed due to work commitments and sacrifice the rest that never seems to be enough, what would you wear? There was an IT show going on in Singapore and I wanted to avoid it at all cost. (Imagine the crowd, the pungent smell of human traffic and hard selling promoters. Ugh!) But unfortunately I wasn’t able to this time round. I had to replace my trusty laptop that served me well for years till it decided that it was done with me months ago. I had to use my mom’s ancient desktop to do all my blogging and school stuffs. The horror of the painfully slow processing irritates me till no end. So I’m compelled to go squeeze with the rest of Singapore to get a good deal for myself!

I used an orange flare shorts to make me appear livelier, and also, it’s comfortable! I’m tired and expecting to squeeze with the whole Singapore, so comfort is on the top of my list! The scarf is really just to jazz things up a bit without affecting my comfort level. When I wish to avoid weighing myself down with heavy accessories, scarves are my trusty sidekick.

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