Saturday, 10 March 2012

My spring wants: Accessories( a long post of pictures)


I wanna get something that is layered like this with colourful beads.

And something that is similar to this two necklace, beaded fringe, with colourful beads.

Oh how I love thee. I love love love feathers. I did recently buy something feathery at Diva. So, this is just a distraction. =/


I've been looking for necklace, bracelet and ring that have these blue gems on it. Or even green gem.

They can come in forms like this, though I don't really fancy this particular design. Just an example.

What did I say about feathers loving? How could I not love these babies, when they almost always comes in feather form, wait.. I don't remember seeing otherwise, hmmm. I did purchase a dreamcatcher necklace recently, but, it's not enough, I want something like this, of a soft pastel colour. And yes, the one I bought recently is in brown, not pastel.

//I'm also looking for those fringe tassel necklace. (:


I only like the one that came with the blue gem, the rest of the bangles? I've tonnes of it!

I'm looking for something like this, I don't like this particular design though.

This design is similar to something that I'm looking for, but really, I think I can find prettier one, the hunt is ON.

Again, I'm looking for something like this, I don't like this particular design though, I can almost sense it, it's definitely too big for me. ):

I did bought something similar to this, so, this item? CHECKED.

I won't deny, this isn't in my spring wants, but I still like it. 

Yet, another distraction, but this really reminds me of the Victorian times, wait no, I mean, those English palace, if it's the same? This also comes in gunmetal colour, though in the site it states, "grey/dark grey". Oh my, I love it, love it! Love both colours!

All above pictures are taken from forever 21 site.


I'm also looking for something like this, or even, the same.

Picture credits to Clothes for the goddess

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