Saturday, 28 January 2012

Updated: Ikea multi hanger

Previously, I hang my scarf like that, but I realised, there is another way which will look a hell lot neater! So there you go.

from ikea, Multi-use-hanger, $9sgd.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

I'll be your super hero.

Some events I did during late dec-early jan. I love, love, love the wonder-woman costume! My actual costume that day was actually an Indian woman costume. Which is just meh-ish, cause my neighbour is an Indian, so it's just a common sight to me. I see it everyday, no biggie. But hey! Do you see wonder-woman costume often? (I dunno why I'm explaining)

I spent way too much during the Christmas season because everywhere is having sales! I definitely need more jobs. 

Till then! X

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Shopping haul: drugstore and forever 21 Accesories.

Drugstore buys: prices are from drugstore website itself, the promotions I enjoyed back then, likely have ended, since I bought these at the start of dec. I only receive them two weeks ago, due to Christmas, heavy traffic for online shopping and whatnot which causes delay for shipping, blahblah.

Revlon Super Lustrous - Pearl Lipstick, Softshell Pink - .15 oz $7.99

Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips - 20 ea $33.99

Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Liner Pencil, Sable Brown 011 $2.38

Milani Liquif'Eye Metallic Eye Liner Pencil, Brown 05 $6.49

Maybellin The Colossal - Waterproof Volum' Express Mascara, Glam Black 240 $6.39

CoverGirl LashBlast Waterproof Mascara, Very Black 885 - .44 oz $7.29

I MIGHT, "might" being the operative word, do a review on the cosmetics, which WILL take a long while, since my majolica Majorca isn't empty yet. I know, I know, I'm supposed to throw them after a couple of months, they are not good for your lashes once they past a few months old, ya-da, ya-da. But I feel, it's such a waste. =\

That being said, I'm pretty satisfied with my buys except for the Faux Stone Hinge Bracelet; Forever 21, antique clock necklace. Personally, I don't fancy magnetic clasp, also, I feel that the clock is too small, I wanted something bigger. Oh well, any takers?

As for that random nail polish, I just feel that it's really cute! This only cost $2, but for such a small bottle, it's actually not that cheap. Also, because the "cap" is so small and short, I've difficulty with the application. Its not a top coat, just a clear nail polish color, which I'm gonna use on my accessories. So that they can last me longer. (: a little tip for you uh? I didn't use this on my nails, so, no comments on that.

This can be found at any SASA outlet. Cost about $2sgd, I think.

Friday, 13 January 2012

DIY project: collar

So, recently there is a collar craze, and I thought I would just join in. Since they help jazz up outfit effortlessly(almost).
So these are what you would need, sequins, collar, thread the same color as your collar (in my case: white) and needle.
I got the collar from a old white t-shirt my bro owned.

From daiso, $2sgd

So, I finished the other heart shape bottle, and bought this one instead. Again, it's not a top coat, it's a clear nail polish which imma use on my accessories not my nails. This is my third bottle, I finished two bottles and yes, I did spammed it on my accessories.
Anyway, this picture is up because I'm in love with anything heart shaped, and I think it's cute. This have nothing to do with the collar above.

Monday, 9 January 2012

DIY project: snow globe

Remember my ikea haul? So these are what the bottles are being used for.

So basically, I used a acrylic sealant to stick the figurine to the cap of the bottle.

Spice jar from ikea.


Before I stick the figurine, I screwed the cap tight, made a mark with my thumb as seen in the photo. That would be used as my "front", so that when I screw the figurine tight, the figurine would be at the "front". I'm not sure how can I explain this step, the picture could probably do the explanation better.

Baby oil, another alternative to baby oil would be distilled water with a teaspoon of glycerin.

Also, you will need some glitter. These are the glitter i used for my nails on my previous post. Link can be found here.

This is optional. From daiso. $2sgd

This is how it looks like, so if you want your bottle to look pinkish, you can either get a pinkish tint bottle, or, simply add more pink glitters.

This is the sealing tape, I think the brand is turbo, no other packaging came with it. Im not sure where can you find this, Im guessing any hardware/art store. I found this lying around the storeroom rotting away.

I used a sealing tape as a extra preventive measure against spillage.

You can see the white tape peaking put from the cap. This is when the ribbon would come in useful..

I added some more stuffs to the bottles, I was rather dissatisfied with the results, and that might be blogged later. But if you like it simple, you can stop here. 

Till then! X

Sunday, 1 January 2012


I did my nails for the upcoming NYE2012. This is how it looks like, not my best, since the top coat kinda screw it up a little. I'm currently using the Sally Hansen mega shine top coat.  

Sally Hansen have so many types of top coats, which resulted in me getting stuck at Watsons for 20mins, cause I couldn't decide at all! Trust me, if not for I had work later that night, 20mins wouldn't be all I spent. Spoilt for choice is the phrase for it.

The base colour is from thefaceshop $2.50sgd. The glitter are just normal glitter bottles which I got from popular, A&BC(bugis, takashimaya). I mixed black, silver, gold, pink glitter to achieve this effect.

This is another picture of my previous nail, which was done during late nov? Or early dec? I can't really remember, but the base colour is just a top coat from la girl $9sgd.