Sunday, 4 March 2012

OOTD: Floral candy

What do you wear when you need to meet the other family for the first time?

As demure as possible! Of course, I went without the sunnies, demure me? No way, if it's the usual Shermie, definitely with the sunnies on. And no, it wasn't J's family that I was meeting. It's my brother's girlfriend's family, he is getting married! Chant with me, *new room *new room *new room *new room

New belt, vest, ring, necklace, clutch, skirt that i dug out from somewhere, and I found this bracelet hidden away in one of my bags! Have to wear it, since it magically appeared!

At Sheraton hotel. Had a very unpleasant "food tasting" session. The service? One word, YUCKS. Officially on my no-no list, not gonna hold my own wedding there. But that's just my personal opinion, well, of two families actually, long story!

The classic "I dropped something look".

The vest actually have two ribbons sticking out like the above, i hid it inside the vest. And yes, how can I possibly survive the chilly room without my trusty cardigan?

Up-close of the clutch. (:


Blue spaghetti; cotton on
Wedge(old); Bugis
Necklace; asos
Ring; Bugis haul, previous post.
Sunnies; h&m

Hype this look at and chictopia.

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