Monday, 5 March 2012

My spring wants: bottoms ( a long post of pictures)


 This is my favourite photo of this post, but yet, not my no.1 want.

This comes in 3 other colours like holiday green £24.00, navy and black at £30.00. Asos tends to change their prices now and then, so prices may change by the time you see this. #justsaying

If i had to choose, I would definitely go for something that doesn't comes with scallop. I understand there is some kinds of scallop craze out there in Singapore. But somehow, not my cup of tea, yet. I do have the intention of getting a scallop shorts that aren't too big on the thigh area though. I want something different to be added in my wardrobe. (:


I've seen this a lot of times, each time, I've different feeling about it. Nonetheless, it's definitely too short for me, no measurements are given, but the model is taller than me by 1cm.


#1 I want this so much

Comes in two colours, BUT it's elastic band, I almost don't buy elastic smocked bands, in fact, I think I don't at all. ):

You can pair it like that, which is kinda why i want this at the first place. Above three photos belongs to Angela.

Another crochet shorts, see, i'm mad about them, the thing with this shorts is, I have no idea does it comes with elastic smocked band.

Also, a crochet skirt, if you don't want people to know you are wearing a shorts under a dress.

Above two pictures belongs to labellavita.

This also how you can pair a crochet shorts, so really, both the skirt and shorts will definitely come in handy!

Have been playing with the idea of buying a sequin shorts/skirt. Still playing, I don't know when will I finally get it. Note: Since Dec'11



Oh, how I love anything with leather, especially MATTE leather. I've been loving shorts that are of this cutting lately. Cutting? Is it called cutting? mmm.

Just to make my point clear about what "cutting" am I referring to.

Then I got distracted. ):


I can't decide between the jade and the mint, gosh, someone help me here? 

I do not own any of the photos here. Prices and photos are taken from online sites like asos UKforever 21 (f21)gellizshoplabellavita. Prices shown above are in GBP for asos, USD for forever 21. 

I'm only human, I may have make some mistakes here and there, so please, just click on the link or google yourself. (:

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