Friday, 2 March 2012

Thought I would share

Disclaimer: I don't know how true is this, I saw this on my twitter timeline, and SS it to share. I'll be going town this Sunday, and would probably check this out.

If you are wondering where can diva and guardian be found, here are some that I know of,

Diva at Bugis, Ion.
Guardian at Takashimaya, Paragon

Update: The loreal's 2nd item at $5 are only for a certain few items, definitely not lipsticks, I asked the sales person there.
As for diva, for some of you, you would most probably feels it's cheap. It's a storewide promotion. For me, i calculated, most of the stuffs are actually about 20dollars and up, which makes it about $13 each? Personally, I don't usually spend that much for a necklace. For others, that's probably their usual pricings. Haha, as I'm obsessed with accessories, this is the way I control myself to ensure that I don't overspend, not that it helped much. /Laughs Oh, but they do have a mini sales collection which priced at about $6-$9, mostly $9. If you can find three sales items, that would be terrific.

On a side note, I found inspiration at Diva, it's a hairband thingy, I might do a DIY post on it. Wait for it. (:

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