Friday, 30 March 2012

OOTD: stars and stones

I know the hair probably don't suit the outfit.

My new dreamcatcher! Oh, how I love dreamcatcher, I need more of these babies!

And yes, I'm insanely in love with this pair of mint green shoes. I just love the colour. I've been searching for pastel colours, but failed! ):

Black top
Shorts; Bangkok
Leatherette red clutch
Bracelet; a gift(blue), TE (nude), The bluez ( silver)
Ring; originated from Shopwildwolves DIY tutorial here

Hype this look at chictopia and here

I decided to wear something cooling to school that day, why? Cause the sun was being unbearable, it was smothering warm that day! So I figured, I should be fine with this outfit and skipped my cardigan. Big mistake! The outfit serves me well enough throughout the journey to school, but that’s it. I was freezing my brain off during lecture and had to borrow a jacket from my classmate. So girls, remember, don’t ever be lazy, if you are afraid of the cold; have your jacket with you at all times. Else, like me, you just might regret your decision made out of laziness. ):

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