Tuesday, 20 March 2012

OOTD: Ride on blue


I was actually wearing this pair of jeans instead of the shorts on top. But I had to change it out due to work purposes. ):


Blazer; BC
Top; Bangkok
Jeans; AM
Shorts; Bangkok
Bag; TE
Necklace (old); Bugis and  miss sixty
Hype this look at chictopia and lookbook.nu

I realised I have tonnes of blue stuffs in my wardrobe. In terms of colours, I think blue ranks the first. Anyway, just another busy day for me, school-projects-work. Oh it’s getting to be like a routine or the sorts. End of this week, I’ll have no more projects, but the exams are coming, I can’t wait for May to come! That’s when my holidays start!
I decided to go for all blues, my second attempt at monochromatic effect. I pinned my hair up for a softer effect, sometimes a blazer can be too harsh, a little too formal and primed up.

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