Sunday, 4 March 2012

Home remedy:keeping your accessories longer

My ring organiser box. I love this colour.


Only two rings out of these collections are not treated with nail polish.


my poor board. 

I'm using this currently, instead of the daiso one which I had been using previously. I think they all work the same, as long as you use a clear nail polish and NOT top coats.

This is an up-close photo of how it looks like with nail polish on it. For this ring, I applied two rich layers, don't ask me why. Usually I use just one rich layer, but I guess this ring is special?  If you are not a fan of shiny finishes, you will probably not like this home remedy. This is just my own personal way of keeping my accessories longer, they might not work for you. #justsaying

This is how I organise my rings, my poor box getting a little overloaded, my necklace organiser board is also getting way overcrowded. I really need the new room soon. For now, my entire necklace collection will have to be cramped into one small board. ):

Also, this is how I take care of my accessories, I think, I might be getting those varnish for wood/metal material. This is what happen when you buy cheap accessories. So far, nail varnishes have served me well. But I feel, it won’t be long lasting, and eventually, like how it chipped off while on our nails, it will get chipped off while on my accessories. I don’t want them to rust. So, a little effort goes a long way. (: Do you have your own home remedy for this too? Do share with me!

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