Thursday, 1 March 2012

inspirations: for my jewellery storage.

above images are all taken from Jen.

As you all know that, I'm preparing to move into my brother's room in June. So when I saw these, I couldn't resist, I have to do some researching. Prepare for heavy images ahead, so far, I've only search online for Ikea stuffs. I'm still doing my projects and whatnot, so these will do for now. I'll definitely move on to scouting around at daiso!

All images below are taken from Ikea.


DIOD glass 
I’m thinking of getting something similar to this, of course not blue, since I’ve yet to decide on my colour theme. This glass will have to be spacious enough for me to stick my hand in freely to get my accessories, otherwise narrow enough for me to use it as a stand for my bangles.

I love how these looked like a set, the flat one can probably be used to store anything, the shorter one for me to throw stuffs like rings. The tall one will be a “bangle stand” perhaps? Oh, and I love to use charcoal colour for my furniture and decor.

I love these too! I will probably pair it with myndig below. (:

also comes in these, MYNDIG side plate

If only these containers are shorter, I’ve yet to come up with ideas on how can I use these, but I just have a feeling that they will come in handy.

YNGAREN, it also comes in a pretty pink shade!

In my opinion, jewellery storage are just way overpriced, essentially, they are just fanciful ash trays and plates. With this idea in mind, I’ll probably search for hardware stores looking for cheap dinnerware. If they are not in my desired colours, I’ll just paint them over to suit my taste. (:

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