Wednesday, 29 February 2012

yet another shopping haul.

All the items together, yeah, I spent quite a bomb. 

I don't know why is it that the photo "auto-rotate" by its own! anyways, i just love the paper bags peak&pine gave me! oh the packaging, so girly, I love.

Okay, so right after my mini bout of tests and projects, I went for a much needed retail therapy! In actual fact, it’s really not mini, but this is just the “first wave” so in comparison, it’s a “mini bout”. /insert stressed up sad face.

I fell head over heels for my new boat shoes. They are actually in a pretty pastel green colour!
My latest infatuations are with the pastel green and pastel orange, I fell in love with the spring colours, namely the mint green which are getting popular, wait a minute; I think it’s already popular among you girls! I also bought a new sunnies from H&M to brace myself against the sunny weather that’s already making its presence known. I know in other countries, it probably still spring season. But here in Singapore, we are experiencing the early summer now. ): I can’t stand brightly lit place, I’ll get a headache from it, yeah, like a vampire.

The rest of my buys are mostly accessories, gosh, they are so cheap! About$5 per pc or less! Hurry down to Bugis! I’m speaking like a Bugis ambassador, laughs. I also bought two vests, one cardigan, one girly top and a toga jumpsuit. (:

I love outer wears like nothing else in the world other than accessories, dress, shoes, okay, I think you got my drift; I love almost anything that’s remotely related to fashion. But really, I tend to gravitate towards pastel colours, and outer wears.

These days, I’ve been on a look out for crochet shorts and denim jackets/ chambray tops. Oh, and the cardigan. I almost don’t go out without one in my bag, despite being “cold blooded” ( part of the walking dead ), reference from “vampire” on top, I’m immensely afraid of chilly environment, namely shopping malls and my lecture halls. *shivers* I bought the girly top, because I realized I don’t have much of these girly tops in the wardrobe. I don’t have any scallop finishing nor Peter Pan collar tops; or dresses like that too. So there you have it, an addition of another style? Oh, and I don’t have any jumpsuit with me too, haha, I think, I don’t have a lot of styles with me.

But wait, let me explain, like I said in my previous post, I’m standing at 5’9, which also means, there are a lot of jumpsuits and rompers that can’t fit me. So, in general, I tend to skip past those styles, too lazy to even try it on to see if it fits. Also mostly I do my shopping online, so naturally, it’s too big of a risk for me..

I haven’t had time to do any OOTDs, mainly because my “photographer”, J is having examinations, I’m already starting on my second bout of tests and projects, so really, the only time I actually go out is during project meetings and work. And in my opinion, none of them are lookbook/chictopia worthy.

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