Monday, 2 April 2012

DIY: jewellery bowl

I bought this from ikea tampines. But somehow, I just can't find the direct link for this, sorry!


The paint that I'm gonna use, I bought them from artfriend.

Don't worry about the paint being not lasting, I've use both paint colours before, this is just one of them. This is the "couple" photo frame J and I made for each other last year. (:  
Photo frames are bought from Bangkok Chatuchak.

First layer, not dried yet. I would strongly recommend you to set some newspaper on first before you start painting, It could get messy. I didn't use any water to mix with the paint, but I did wet my paintbrush first to remove any colour stains from previous works. The finish looks very uneven due to the original colouring of the box. Refer on top.

I'm applying second layer, as you can see, the top half is darker than the bottom half (first layer). 

Second layer done.

I'm painting the inside of the box neon pink. Oh by the way, this pink paint glows in the dark, well, slightly. /insert disappointed face.

As you can see, compared with the blue paint, this is way much more uneven than the blue one. Reason? my guess is, in order for it to "glow" the extra chemicals they added in doesn't help with a "smooth finish". It kinda makes it look a little gloppy, but really, a few more layers would help. Well, I've evidence on top; refer to photo frame. 

This is how it looks like when it's dry. (second layer)

I'm using masking tape to tape the side. 

Because I'm going to stay painting on the borders as highlighted.

This is why I taped it. 

This is the fourth layer, I taped the inside part for the border painting.

The finished product!

The colour runs a little closer to this picture here instead of the above one.

The reason for choosing this pink paint for the interior of the box instead of the exterior, is because, I've worked with these paints before. I know that the finish for the pink one isn't as fantastic as the blue one. Since, this would be my jewellery box, I'm hoping that the jewellery inside will distract anyone from noticing the flaws. Also, it will be cool if it glows from inside right? 

A tip for you girls to keep your paint brushes longer, is to always clean your brushes right after you paint. Do not procrastinate! For me, I always wash it with water first, wipe off the excess water with tissue papers and leave it to air dry. This is probably not the proper procedure, but hey, at least I wash it, though you may want to google the actual procedure.

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