Monday, 16 April 2012

my beauty buys from savee

Just when I'm in need of masks, I found some cheap ones that seems not bad! It's during one of the event I was working at somewhere last week. So don't ask me where they are now, cause I've no idea. Though I do know that they have a shop/warehouse at the far west area, jurong or boon lay I believe.

The face masks, I bought some for my mom too.. (:

The jelly masks and eye masks, I tried the pink one, it's not too bad, the size of my eye bag did shrunk, for that one night only though. Not to forget I will have very bad eyebags whenever I wake up early in the morning. ):

So girls, if you are interested in the items, go to and enquire..
Oh, I've also tried the AHA serum thingy, on the first day, my face have a nasty yellow undertone, after that, it's fine already. I'm using AHA now because my skin is pretty bad now, after the vietnam trip, my skin have yet to recover from all the nasty scars, and also, with the exam stress, I keep having breakouts. )): The AHA seems to help some, I've only used it for a couple of days, not too sure of the goodness yet, but so far, so good. (:

I've tried the green and the neon yellow ones already. I've to say the neon yellow one aren't fantastic.. But what's to expect for neon polishes? Neon polishes tends to run streaky, so, not so surprising here, but another thing is, this yellow one get dirty easily, I don't know how to explain this, but it feels a little sticky, and thus attracts dirt easily? OH OH, and it smells realy bad, even after bathing, I still can detect a tinge of stench, mostly for the yellow one only. The green one is a cream finish, it's OKAY I guess, nothing  much to talk about it.. Both colours are painted with two layers with no base coat and top coat. I'm not done with them yet, if time permits, I might do some easter eggs theme with them. (:

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