Tuesday, 3 April 2012

OOTD: just a dream

Shorts; Bangkok
Red leatherette clutch
Dreamcatcher; Scape
Shoes; Asos 
Bangles &rings; Tampines  

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Hurray! Today is…… work day. ): I was told today will be my last day working for this company. Therefore, I decided that it’s time to bend the rules a lil bit. I’ve already vision myself to be wearing this denim vest, so I skipped the usual dark denim shorts for this lighter shade to match it up. To not allow dullness in the outfit, a bright inner wear to create a pop is required. Toss in my dream catcher to get all the focus on my upper body and the outfit is born! Now onto accessories we go. I recently got my hands on the clubs ring, what better way to complement it then with my suits earrings right? Cliché but works pretty well, I would say. Since the only pop colour is green in my outfit, I can’t have my accessories go astray; the green in my bracelet is too attractive to resist and the green in the clock to show the colours off. That’s what I’ve done for the outfit today. Not too shabby I hope? (:

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