Tuesday, 17 April 2012

OOTD: ai yai i yai, i'm your little butterfly, green black and blue, make the colours in the sky.

I love the effect of this picture so much. And no, these are raw photos, non edited!

After seeing similar photo in different effect, I guess you get the gist, I do love this photo a lot. haha!

Yupp, I know, it's just a back view.. But still...

In the midst of stealing a bike, just kidding!

Look at how the locket shines, looked as though it's a treasure cove or the sorts.

The butterfly title? Came from here, I used the lyrics from a very old song called butterfly by aqua. I used to love them loads! But somehow they disappeared from the  music world.. 

And the tall one got bullied by the photographer. pfft..

I love this top, the necklace you see here actually came with the top, not removable though. 

Skirt; Shopwildwolves 

Hype this look at chictopia and lookbook.nu..

I'll be going on a short hiatus until the end of this month.. Reason? I'm having my examinations, ): So my blog posts will all be scheduled, and likely posted every other day rather than daily..  Also, because I'll not be going out during this exam period, so, a couple of my OOTDs will be from Shopwildwolves.  Since I recently did a photoshoot with them, but of course, these OOTDs are something that I see myself wearing and some, I do own them... So, see you girls in May.

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