Monday, 23 April 2012

Pulau Ubin trip!

So I finally did my nails, the easter eggs theme like I mentioned earlier..

If you think this is a house, you are wrong! It's a visitor centre.

I like Chek Jawa a lot, will definitely be back to see the marine creatures! (:

 The scene at the top of the viewing tower..

Yes, that's the height of the viewing tower, pretty short huh.. Now, prepare yourself for some serious narcissism..

This is what I wore there, can't do ootd since in my opinion, it's really just shorts and top. I did accessorise some though, but I took it off during kayaking.  Can't style much seeing that I need to use the outfit for cycling, full body fish spa and kayaking. So I could only work with surf shorts. ):

That's all folks.. Happy birthday to me! (:

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