Wednesday, 4 April 2012

DIY: handmade gift for your special ones

Look what I found while clearing my photos? Kinda random right? But not really actually, because, I just gotten my new laptop, so naturally I'll start clearing my photos, music and whatnot. I might have more random posts coming up. Depending on what I can find.

Looks kinda yucky here eh?

An upclose of the gel. (:

This is what I gave J when I was 16. 

Similar concept. For this case, I used a photo, of course laminated, and a lot of glitter powder to make it glow in the dark. Remember to use sealing tape if you are gonna use this kinda bottle.

Items used:
  1. Glass jar preferably with plastic lid that won't leak, cause cork lids will eventually "rot" when come in contact with moist. 
  2. Several bottles of hair gel that are not watery. Try to find those that runs a little closer to jelly, meaning "more solid or sticky", less "liquidity" or for the lack of better word, "gloppy". 
  3. Some pebbles to be placed at the bottom
  4. Some decoration stuffs/trinkets to be placed around the side. 
  5. Glitter! Preferably in several colours. Glowing powder can be found at a&bc(bugis junction level 3 I think). Takashimaya have a&bc also, not sure do they carry the glowing powder though.

1) Use bottles of water and try to estimate how much your bottle can contain. Since any commercialise bottles of drink will naturally come with labels that state how much ml it contains.
2) Shop for the ideal gel! I'm using the brand wella, which you can find it at CK department store, I bought mine at Tampines Ave 9 branch. And no, I don't stay at Tampines if you are wondering. =D They have several colours, depending on what colour you want, I used pink, typical huh? They have clear and blue colour too, so make your choice girls! I know some of you will probably think of the brand "gatsby" when I say hair gel, but no, they are not really suitable for this project, it runs a little too wet, not "solid/stick/gloppy" enough.

3) Use any big bowl, mix up your glitter/glowing powder and the gel. Please don't add any water to the mix! The whole idea is to use any gel that's as solid as possible.

4) If you have not enough gel due to miscalculation or wish to save some money, add the pebbles in the jar first before adding the gel. This is why I say you need "less watery" gel. It won't flow into the pebbles, don't understand? Refer below or the top photo.

5) After you add in the gel, you can use any long stick, in my case, I used chopstick to slowly push the deco stuffs into the bottle. Why sticks? Cause if you bought tall bottles, your fingers wouldn't be long enough! And I think I had enough of contact with these gloppy stuffs. 

6) Make some adjustments, and you are probably done! Easy right?  (:

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