Saturday, 7 April 2012

OOTD: bubblegum



I'm in need of a haircut! And yeah, I was going out to have my hair cut.

Pink stripe top; Supre 
Grey top; Forever 21
Shorts; Bangkok
Bag; Bugis
Shoes; Asos  
Bangle; Tampines

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I’ve been going out every day to run errands, for work purposes and whatnots. I want to rest at home so desperately, but wasn’t given the chance at all. So what’s a girl to do? My skin needed a rest, I need my rest! I decided to not do any face make up, that means, skip the foundation, blush and any concealer my face could possibly need. All I did was eye makeup, I figured, since my body can’t get any rest, the least I can do is to let my skin rest. Spare my skin the usual powder routine.

Not that I use foundation, I stopped using foundation a little more than 4 months ago, I feel it’s too heavy for my skin. My skin isn’t that bad to start with, so why worsen it by clogging the pores? I switched to using pressed powder, which really, I think it means compact loose powder. Not that sure though, all the beauty experts out there, enlighten me please?

Instead of the usual boring dose of pastel, bubble gum craze hits me today. Truth to be told, pink is my favourite colour, yeah, I know right, typical girl. So what’s your favourite colour?

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