Friday, 6 April 2012

DIY: A breath of new life to hair accessories


 Do you have childhood clips lying around the house? Begging for attention but you can't possibly be seen in daylight with such outdated designs.Well, I happened to come across these clips and its such a waste to just chuck it into the bin. So......

I painted it black! With my trusty black nail polish that's reaching the end of it's shelf life.
Now its ready to be used once more. It's blotchy now, because I accidentally dropped it while it's still wet from the polish.):


Another clip to be revived. 

I added some glitter to the black clip, so, who says you needa buy new clips when your old one's colour faded? Apply some nail polish, and you will have new clips. Good as new!

I can't find the link for pa, if it helps, this is how it looks like.


Nail polish used: PA nails, some japanese brand I think, you can find these brands at bugis level 2, or far east level 3/4. 

OR205 from Thefaceshop

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