Thursday, 5 April 2012

OOTD: sunflower walk

I wanted to use another bag, but I was in a mad rush that day, I didn't even have the time to pack my bag! Resulting in a lot of missing necessities, and finding my dog leash and poo bag in the bag. -.-

As you all can see, I seldom wear dresses, well, I used to wear them often. But now, I found new love in matching clothes. So why the sudden change of wardrobe again? I had a briefing that day, and dress is kinda a prerequisite during job briefing. First impression, people!

Fave picture of the post, though frankly speaking, I like none of them. 

Pardon the "veins", my hand was in a awkward position, my usual photographer wasn't with me, and the photographer for the day? She wasn't fantastic, thus.....

Dress; BC
Heels; Taiwan
Bag(old); Kate Spade 
Bracelets; h&m(gold chains), Newlook(gem), Bugis(black&gold)
Rings; Forever 21(leopard print-like), Malacca(square ring), Couple ring; Meyson jewellery 
 On nails; Lilacism from Essie(light purple), Secret periwinkle from Chinaglaze(dark purple)

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