Friday, 11 May 2012

OOTD: Let me be your superhero baby


Cape top; HVV
Floral shorts; Bugis
Satchel bag; Bugis
Boots; Bugis
Necklace; Bugis
Bracelet; Bugis
Rings; DIY post here, originated from Shopwildwolves 

Hype this look at chictopia and

Nope, I didn’t watch avenger before doing this OOTD, neither was I planning to watch avenger later that day. I just received this piece a few days ago, in fact, I was planning on getting this piece for a while already. I just couldn’t decide between getting the mini dress length or the blouse length, till I saw this piece and I know, this is the one. Why? Because unlike the rest, this is a button down piece, which a little different from all the cape pieces I’ve been seeing these days. The little details ladies, the little details are the one that sets us apart from all the rest. I’m actually running on reserve battery now, rushing out blog posts, because I wanna start focusing on doing a new blog skin already.. Hopefully, it will be out before the new term starts.

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