Tuesday, 8 May 2012

OOTD: in between the lines


Look at what came! ASOS! Though most of the items inside belongs to J.. =/

My haul of the month

I recently fell in love with this. You can find this at SASA.

 Dress; Bangkok
Furry Jacket; Shopwildwolves
Heels; Taiwan
My haul are all from Bugis except for the sequin shorts which are bought from Gmarket. 

Hype this look at chictopia and lookbook.nu

Call me cautious, but I never dared to venture out of my comfort zone when I have a casting to go. I usually see girls attending casts in dresses and it sort of became the norm or my norm. I know it doesn’t stands out which is what I ought to be doing but well, taking a risk isn’t my strong suit.
As I have yet to shift into my new room, I’m seriously lacking in wardrobe spaces and the worst nightmare is not being able to get that exact dress that I’m looking for. Talk about first world pains. So I took this gorgeous dress I purchased during my trip to BKK instead. I’m glad to share with you girls that being safe have paid off as I managed to clinch both of my cast confirmations that day. (:
I’ve matched the geometric designs of the dress with my heels that borne a similar-looking geometric design. From the looks of it, I managed to pull it off okay. As the dress is along the short side for me, I wore a pair of shorts instead of boy shorts to match the dress; I don’t want to play peek-a-boo with perverts.
It’s a long day that ended with a “lil me time” of retail therapy. I’ve never tried going shopping alone before, so it’s a quite an experience for me. And truth to be told, my haul from this “lil” shopping actually cost me more than when I’m shopping with my girls! So ladies, I would advise to refrain shopping alone; you just can’t resist as well as with your girls pointing out the plain fact that it’s an impulse buy.

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