Friday, 4 May 2012

beauty haul

SKII "miracle water"

Laneige toner

Mt Sapalo Body lotion

Laneige makeup primer

Laneige waterbank series


Darkness lash glue

Shiseido THE SKINCARE Eye Moisture Recharge

These are just some of the products I bought during the month of April, as you can see, I’m really a laneige girl. I think almost all my skincare products are bought from laneige except for eye cream, I’ve very bad dark eye circles and eye bags problem. Up till this date, I’m still actively searching for an eye cream that would work for me. At the moment, I think the one that have the best effect for me is THE SKINCARE Eye Moisture Recharge by Shiseido, it’s not my Holy Grail eye product, but it’s what works best for me now.
Also, I’m not a big fan of laneige sleeping mask just yet, probably because I haven’t been using it often enough, but I feel what it does for me is pretty limited.. I’ll continue using it and sees what it can do.
You may want to note that, I might be stopping my skII after I finished it. Not because it isn’t great, but because my skin is already quite thin as it is, I don’t want to make it thinner than what is needed. In any case, thin skin is more susceptible to “injuries” and what not, meaning you have to take greater care of your skin.
My favourite make up cleanser will be mild cleansing oil by fancl, I’ve been using it for the past two years, and may I say, I love it! It’s such a hassle free product, it makes removing make up so much easier! But the down side is that, it’s not that great for removing eye lash glue or waterproof mascara. The eye lash glue that I’m currently using is by darkness, the waterproof mascara I’m using is by Majolica Majorca. Again, they are not my Holy Grail products, but personally, I feel the mascara is pretty awesome for volumising purposes!
As for the face primer, honestly speaking, I didn’t have the chance to try a lot of brands yet, I tried biotherm whitening makeup base which was really oily for my skin, as for the laneige, it helps my makeup stay on matte for about 4hours or more, depending on the environment I’m exposed to. Also, for ladies that don’t fancy fragrance on their skin product, you may want to give laneige a miss. I prefer not to have fragrance on my skincare products, but I don’t mind having it, if you get me..
Moving on, to body lotion, I’m really fussy when it comes to body lotion, I can’t sleep with lotion that are too slippery or oily, they have to be all absorbed in before I can sleep which is a down side for me because I usually apply lotion right before I sleep. Until I tried Mt sapola invigorating body lotion! It was given to me as a gift by a close friend of mine, so when I saw Mt sapola while having casting at vivo city, I got all excited and bought another bottle. This is the lemongrass one, recommended to me by the sales lady. It doesn’t smell awesome, but I don’t really care since I only apply it right before bed, nobody is going to smell me while I’m sleeping.
Ps, these are all my skincare products at the moment, I’ve no idea why they finishes at the same time altogether..

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