Tuesday, 1 May 2012

OOTD: It's my birthday!

A hand-made birthday card by my girlf, how sweet. (':

A e-birthday card by another girlf. (':

Green top; Tampines Mall
Purple mullet skirt; Supre 
Red leatherette clutch
Heels; Asos
Red belt
Rings; Scape, OB

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Hello everybody! I’m back! This is just an outfit I worn during my birthday, which is two weeks ago. If you have followed my blog for awhile, you would know that I went for a little hiatus due to examinations. Hoo boy,the last paper I had was horrible. The questions were so tricky, and there is this particular question that stumps us all, why? Because, it wasn’t mentioned in the notes! Oh man…

Okay, back to the outfit, so, I received this skirt a while back, but didn’t have the chance to wear it because I was hibernating at home with my books as company. When I first saw this skirt at supre, it literally took my breath away, I mean, I’ve this crazy obsession with mullet/asymmetrical skirts (I know they are two different thing) and when I saw that supre have this skirt in a sweet lavender colour, I knew, I JUST HAVE TO GET MY HANDS ON IT. 

I did a little colour blocking here, a little? Okay, not that little, the green top I had on was a Kelly green, which is a bright colour to be honest. I used the colour wheel as reference and did a triadic colour matching which are namely green, purple and red. I used the red (belt) as an accent colour, and chose to use a deep red for my clutch. Since I already had so much going on, I didn’t want to use a bright red for my choice of bag. Then I used silver jewellery to chic it up some, a feather earring to add some whimsical vibe, and ta dah, my outfit is done! So what do you think of my colour blocking attempt here?

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