Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Remember my trip to vietnam?

Hi everyone! Remember my trip  to Vietnam during Chinese new year? I came across a blog post with photos of Ho Chi Minh, best of all, it was taken by a female photographer called Trica Gosingtian! I for one, especially admire female photographer, probably because of my job in the events line. She have a lot more photos over at her blog, I didn't post everything here, just the places that I did go.

Didn't I mention about the motorcycles in Vietnam, or did I not? Hmmm, can't remember.. The thing is, with Vietnam, one crosses the road, is comparable to one strolling in the park. Meaning, you don't walk quickly like how you do here in Singapore, you watch out for the cars and bikes, as usual, of course, but you cross it slowly... Like... Strolling in the park..

The Cuchi Tunnel. I remembered seeing a caucasian(tourist) jumped in, now we all know that caucasian are usually tall and all, but when he jumped in, all I can see is the head, so you can imagine how deep the hole is.

An entrance to one of their many tunnels, I did went in one of the tunnel, and got real scared. Why? Because Mr.J decided to let go of my hand for a while(according to him, but it sure felt like a thousand years to me), for unknown reasons. For that few seconds, I felt alone, why? It's so dark inside that I can't even see my own hands! And we all had to do half squats like ducks to get through the tunnel to the other side! 

Sandals made out of tyres! Amazing isn't it?

Yupp, I did came out from one of these entrances.

I went to one of the temple, and I can't remember how the exterior looked like. But what I do remember is, that is some sort of fusion of religions, the Taoism, Christian and Buddhist. I can't remember if there is more, my apologies.

The other thing I noticed about Vietnam is they all wear cute helmets, helmets that we don't see cyclist use in Singapore.

It's a common sight in Vietnam for their ladies to ride, unlike Singapore uh..

I instagram too! @shermieloves

If you are interested to know more, pop over to tricia's blog, she has more photos to offer you! All of the above photos were taken from her blog, I can't take such pretty photos. =/

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