Friday, 18 May 2012

OOTD: wedding bells



Hipster granddad

Convertible dress
Brooch; Bugis
Accessories free: As I'll be running about for the enitre day.

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It’s the big day of my brother, which spells a tiring and happy occasion for me. I had fun torturing my brother during the gatecrash ( a customary ritual for Chinese weddings in Singapore ). I have not slept in the past going 48 hours, so I will not be blogging much today. The dress is a gift from the bride to all her ‘sisters’ that assists her during the whole process of the wedding. It’s a convertible dress that we can play around to our own liking. Now pardon me while I catch some beauty sleep. Nights girls.

Ps: I'll upload the rest of the photos on a separate post. 

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