Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Beauty review: Savee

 Remember my post about my savee buys back then?


Remember my haul from Savee? I’ve see a noticeable improvement to my complexion from my daily application of the AHA. Results were great! However, as AHA makes your skin thinner, I stopped after 2 weeks as per recommended. I’ve only tried Savee’s AHA, so I’m not sure how it measures up against other brands.
I have two Savee’s eye shadow in my possession, grey and white. I can’t say I’m very pleased with the products, but for their price point, I guess the white is reasonable, but not the grey. The colour payoff of the products isn’t good, as I intended to use the white as a highlighter; the colour payoff isn’t my priority as I prefer to have my highlighter sheer. But for the grey, as I’m using it as eye shadow, I can’t have it being sheer plus it’s application is uneven. So grey is off my list.
I’ve already made a review on the yellow and green nail polish from Savee, here. I finally got about to trying out the pink and white recently, but the quality isn’t consistent. The pink nudish nail polish is way too streaky for my liking, thou my OPI topcoat helped to soothe out the application; the final result is still uneven and streaky. The white nail polish on the other hand is fantastic! I love the application and in comparison with the other colours, it isn’t streaky and I’m very pleased with the iridescent. Maybe it is uneven as well, but due to the iridescent, it isn’t obvious to the naked eye. One layer of the white is enough for those who prefer a sheer finish on their nails. Personally, I prefer to have two coats. I will probably purchase the white again, but I will give the other colours a pass. Pictures will be up once I get the time to get around it, so stay tuned!

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