Thursday, 7 June 2012

OOTD: cream and flowers

I was waiting for bus when a kitten came out of nowehere and decided to play.

Blue eyes

See! How cute it is! It was just rolling around me. So cute!

Vest; Bugis
Dress; Supre 
Pumps; M2ks
Necklace; Scape
Bracelet; Bugis, Newlook 
Rings; Scape, Tampines mall

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This is yet another “makeup-less” day. Yupp, usually when I meet J, or goes Tampines Mall, I enjoy scaring people with my naked face. Okay, I kid. But yes, I try not to apply makeup when I’m going to somewhere that I’m very comfortable with. Namely, Tampines. Why? I spent four years there without any makeup, you probably guessed, secondary school! My pores are already super clogged as it is, so I’m trying my very best to not apply so much foundation and stuffs on my face. But you know, as girls, sometimes we just can’t help it but be vain.

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