Saturday, 16 June 2012

DIY PROJECT: Braided bracelet

All are from chinatown. I think Artfriend sells them too.

I’ve been busy with handicrafts for the past week. I got fed up with the hunt for the precise accessories that I craved, therefore, I started making accessories of my own. For this particular piece, I used 3 strands of medium hemp cords, each length is about two coils around my wrist plus an additional 5 inch. I tied a simple knot to begin the bangle with one strand being in a loop. It’s basically just doing hair braiding. I did a set of braiding first, followed with two beads on each side, The center strand will not have beads at all. Just repeat the steps and I ended it off with a square knot. I’m no guru in diy accessories so I hope my pictures are clear enough. Those that are unclear of the steps for square knots, go google it. (: that’s all folks!!

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