Friday, 10 February 2012

Twilight at Vietnam

As you can see, I'm real lazy with makeup when I'm overseas.

This just reminds me of twilight, don't ask me why.

I found some photos that I took while in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh city. There isn't much to do there, seeing that I went there during Chinese Lunar New Year. All the shops there were pretty much closed, huge disappointment. But, I learnt something, you gotta pretend that you were strolling in the park while crossing the roads at Vietnam. Definitely a significant cultural difference as compared to Singapore!
Ahh, too spoilt by the singapore government. Too used to the fast paced and systematic way of singapore. I'm obviously a city girl.
Words I learnt, pho: noodles? hoa: pork? ca: fish? ga: chicken? bo: beef? they are most likely wrong, seeing that I learnt them while looking at their menu.

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