Thursday, 9 February 2012

OOTD: miss demure-not

miss demure-not 


I was feeling some feathers, it makes the whole outfit looks, urm, slightly hippy?  

obviously a candid shot, but i like it.

I only have two watches with me, and this is the one I always wear. I've been looking for watches, just can't seem to find my ideal one! ):

Some leopard prints loving these days, usually, I wear my new stuffs a lot, then I ditch them somewhere, never seeing the daylight again, lol.

Striped vest; rwb
Ribbed tank top; forever 21
Orange skirt; room290
Leopard print pumps
Brown clutch; xquisis
Necklace; bugis 
Watch(old); armani exchange
Gold gem ring; forever 21
Feather earring; Tampines mall

Hype this look at chictopia and

After I came home, I realised, I didn't draw my brows! /laughs 

Recently, I've been loving the colour orange, or anything corally orange/red/pink. You know, basically that same group of colours. I find myself reaching out for orange skirt, orange top, orange shorts. Even my online buys, I've been choosing orange stuffs!

So, that day, I was having lots of random inspiration, I woke up wanting to wear my orange skirt and leopard prints pump. Then I thought, wouldn't this skirt make me look oldish and office lady like? Not a look that I fancy, so I wanted to change the feel of the outfit, that's when the vest and the necklace came in. Honestly, I didn't expect it to work! When I looked in the mirror, I was like, omg? It worked! Oh, by the way, I love my eyeliner that day, although it makes me looked like I've droopy eyes. ):

Do anyone knows how to rectify this problem? blogger is not correcting my first letter of every sentence, neither is it giving me auto caps for i. all the things im typing doesnt come with any apostrophe(')! its frustrating that ive to manually edit all my "i", "i'll", "i've", "doesn't". UGHH

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