Wednesday, 22 February 2012

OOTD: summer breeze

this is my favourite picture!

my second favourite.
credits to: Anson Chew

Gold choker
Brown ribbon heels; xquisis

Hype this at and chictopia.

This is one of my most educating photo-shoot ever. Learnt so much from Anson. If you live in Singapore, and would like to do some photo-shoot, you can mail him at, or go to his website:, I'm not sure of his charges, you would have to discuss the fees with him, a good photographer comes with a price. (:

I love, love, love, asymmetric skirts, long cardigans. But they are always too expensive for me. ): This is one of my asymmetric skirts, well, I only have three at the moment.

I added a gold choker to bring a "pop" to the outfit. Reason for the brown shoes is because, I feel the ribbons at the back makes it ladylike, which helps blend the outfit. Makes it looks, more graceful (for the lack of better word) if you know what I mean. So what do you think?

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