Tuesday, 21 February 2012

OOTD: monday blues or monday greys?

This will be my favourite photo of the outfit. 

An up close shot of the collar. Imagine this look without the collar, wouldn't it be too boring?
To know more about the collar, you can view it here.



 A jacket for those who are afraid of the cold like me. (: 
It's actually studded at the side, to match my collar.


On toes, chinaglaze; secret peri-win-le. 

 If you would want some colours, you could add some bright coloured heels, for me, I think this brown heels would suffice.

 Awww, isn't this pretty? Love the ribbon, nope, this isn't one of my DIY project, I was too lazy, haha.


my poor legs, can someone tell me, how can I help make the veins less obvious? I don't think it's that bad, perhaps, it's the heels or just this photo, yeah, I keep telling myself that. Oh, and lookie, I like the little zip detail on this jeans.

Grey Heather long sleeve top (old); mayuki tokyo
Black studded jacket (old); mayuki tokyo
Charcoal jeans; a mod
Taupe heels from taiwan
Brown ribbon heels; xquisis
Leopard print belt
Watch(old); armani exchange
Peacock necklace; okibox

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Well, this outfit didn't turn out exactly like how i would expect it to be, but still good I would say. Reason for the entire grey tone of this outfit is, it's a MONDAY! I was experiencing really bad Monday blues, well, you can also think of it as Monday greys. I was really tired, I had a 830am law class to attend, prior to that, I haven't been sleeping well and have been waking up as early as 6am for school and work and photoshoot and and.. You get my drift. ):

So, how did I make the grey concept work? Well, in my way, since, I'm not a fashion consultant or anywhere near that. What I did was, I match different shades of grey or similar colour family together. For starters, the top is a heather grey shade, followed by charcoal grey jeans and taupe heels. This pair of heels will be my number 1 most comfortable heels! In fact, it's more comfortable than some of my flats! Surprising right? In the past, I used to wonder, how others would claim that they have comfortable heels, when ALL of my heels hurts so bad. Now I know, well, it's just too bad that I bought this pair of heels at Taiwan. It's a bit on the high side for me. BUT if I knew that it's this comfortable, I would have bought all colours, not kidding here, it's that comfortable.

Okay, so back to the outfit, basically, I jazzed it up with the DIY collar I made, added in a belt to add some texture, and we are done! Easy right? Give it a shot yourself, you might find the right look to look the right mood. (:

Till then, X

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