Friday, 13 January 2012

DIY project: collar

So, recently there is a collar craze, and I thought I would just join in. Since they help jazz up outfit effortlessly(almost).
So these are what you would need, sequins, collar, thread the same color as your collar (in my case: white) and needle.
I got the collar from a old white t-shirt my bro owned.

From daiso, $2sgd

So, I finished the other heart shape bottle, and bought this one instead. Again, it's not a top coat, it's a clear nail polish which imma use on my accessories not my nails. This is my third bottle, I finished two bottles and yes, I did spammed it on my accessories.
Anyway, this picture is up because I'm in love with anything heart shaped, and I think it's cute. This have nothing to do with the collar above.

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