Sunday, 1 January 2012


I did my nails for the upcoming NYE2012. This is how it looks like, not my best, since the top coat kinda screw it up a little. I'm currently using the Sally Hansen mega shine top coat.  

Sally Hansen have so many types of top coats, which resulted in me getting stuck at Watsons for 20mins, cause I couldn't decide at all! Trust me, if not for I had work later that night, 20mins wouldn't be all I spent. Spoilt for choice is the phrase for it.

The base colour is from thefaceshop $2.50sgd. The glitter are just normal glitter bottles which I got from popular, A&BC(bugis, takashimaya). I mixed black, silver, gold, pink glitter to achieve this effect.

This is another picture of my previous nail, which was done during late nov? Or early dec? I can't really remember, but the base colour is just a top coat from la girl $9sgd.

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