Friday, 30 December 2011

DIY PROJECT: accessories board

So, as you all know, I went ikea the other day.

This is how the "noticeboard" look in real life..

It also includes this, which I didn't use, but I suppose it's for you to hang the board with.

These are the transparent pins, which I love it! Reason being I didn't want to have different coloured pins sticking out from my accessories.

So these are the papers I found lying around my room.
1. Baby pink colored paper

2. Some patterned paper that sticks? I dunno what it's called. I think the picture would explain it better than me.
/ramble starts here
I decided to use these papers first, so as to keep the board clean. I mean, cork boards are not exactly the easiest thing to clean on earth. Plus, I THINK they do not handle moist well too. Also, the reason why I decided to randomly use any coloured paper first (I know it's a extra step) is because, I've yet to decide what colour should my new upcoming room's wall be. (I dunno why I'm explaining) Although, I've kinda decide, regardless of the wall colour, I'll use a white textured paper as a base. I might change my mind, thus the extra step!

Even using a A3 sized paper, it could not fill up the whole board. You may want to find a bigger piece of paper if you are considering getting the board from ikea.

You may want to skip the next two steps/pictures, if you are not particular with the paper alignment.

What I'm doing here is just making a mark on the paper, so that I'll know how much I should cut. If you are afraid you wouldn't be accurate, use a ruler to help you.

After I got the length, I basically used a pencil to mark the centre of the paper. I'm going to cut it in half, for the top piece and the bottom, as seen in the pictures below.. If you are able to cut straight lines without any help, you may skip this step too.

This is how it looks like after I pasted the top and bottom. Again, if you like this look better, you can stop at this step. For me, I'm doing this to protect the cork board, so I'm going to continue with the sides..

Same thing, making a mark, for the length.

For me to cut it straight instead of ugly jagged lines.

This is the finished product. I'm gonna go ahead and put my accessories on it.

Style 1

Style 2 (if you could see the difference) I prefer style 2, I feel it looks neater this way.

Obviously, you could tell, I'm gonna need more than just one organiser. But for now, my room is fully packed, I've yet to move into my new room. I haven't had the time to organise it better. blahblah /procrastinates further.

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