Thursday, 29 November 2012

Thirfting in Singapore: a brand new experience

Praisehaven at upper bukit timah

Praisehaven at upper bukit timah. address: 500 upper bukit timah road, singapore 678106

Salvation army at upper serangoon

Salvation army at serangoon. Address: 309 upper serangoon road, singapore 347693
 This includes the operation hours for the praisehaven store too!
Hi thrift at high point; geylang

Hi thrift shop at geylang. Address: no.1 Lor 23 geylang s388352

I’ve almost zero luck with thrift shops. I tried 5 so far, 1 was no longer in operation, 2 was closed when I was there. 1 just wasn’t to my liking. One word; UNLUCKY!

So, the one that is not in operation anymore is the NU&O located at blk 159, bukit batok street 11, #01-150, Singapore 650159.

The two shops that were closed are…

-Praisehaven family store
They are closed on Mondays as of 1 aug 2012, so I would totally recommend you to make a phone call first before heading down. But anyway, I heard that they aren’t that cheap, so, I’ll not be going there to try anymore.
#1: it’s too far, I stay in the east.
#2: it’s super out of the way, unless you drive
#3: even through driving, it was rather inconvenient, I went from school(clementi).
#4: I heard it’s expensive.
Address: 500 upper bukit timah road, singapore 678106
Telephone: 63495334/63495304/63495312
Operating hours: refer to the picture on top.

-New2U shop
I was there too late, they close at 230pm, and if you don’t know, I’m a true night animal, and I sleep till late afternoon. BUT.. I’ll still be trying there again, just not yet.
Address: 96 waterloo street, Singapore council of woman’s organisation. Operating hours: 1030am-230pm, Mon-fri.
Remark: it’s very near bra besah mrt, definitely within walking distance from the train station, not sure which exit from the station to take though.

Finally, the two shops that I managed to tour around are…

-Salvation army at upper serangoon.
Address: 309 upper serangoon road, singapore 347693
Telephone: 62885438

-Hi thift at High point
Address: no.1 Lor 23 geylang s388352
Operating hours: 1030am-4pm

Well, if you looked at the last picture, you would realise that no.1 is actually opposite no.2 Lor 23 Geylang, which if I didn’t remember wrongly, no.2 is a coffee shop. So if you see coffee shops, cross opposite, by opposite, I don’t mean the main road, I mean the alley. Well, I would definitely be visiting this particular outlet again, so I would take better pictures to describe the directions better. It’s pretty hard to find, so don’t be shy to ask the shop vendors your way there, because girl, you don’t want to be lost there. I don’t know about you, but because it’s Geylang, I wouldn’t want to go there alone. #justsaying Anyway! It’s the only “shop” that is opposite the shophouses, I don’t know how else can I explain it better. Hope this helps!

PS: pictures are mine, so they are definitely in operation as of 1Nov. I didn’t try calling any of the shops, so I can’t say for the numbers. Telephone numbers, address and operating hours are all googled, however I did use the address provided above to find my way there.

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