Friday, 9 November 2012

OOTD: glitter



top; bugis
shorts; thetinselrack I think.
shoes; Asos 
grey ribbon collar; Asos

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I love this pair of shorts to bits, I swear I have some crazy obsession with anything that is tied up. It has been on my radar for the longest time, but if you followed me long enough, you would probably know that I’m a rather strict budget shopper. It was way out of my budget. Besides, I have tonnes of shorts already. I’m already facing a crisis of not having enough space for my closet and accessories. But when I saw this pair of shorts on sales, I took the plunge, but urgh! I wasn’t fast enough! Only manage to get one colour, dang! Which might turn out to be a good thing, because as it turns out, the shorts were a little too short for me? A LITTLE?! A LITTLE?! 

Sorry, I’m being kinda delusional here, but I really love this shorts so much, I don’t care, I’m just gonna wear it. It has been a long long while since I have a pair of shorts this short. I think the last time was hmmm, when I was 16? I wasn’t even that tall to begin with. I grew another 3cm during my tertiary days if you are curious. =X

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