Friday, 23 December 2011

Ikea haul

#1 A cork board- $9.50sgd, ikea calls it noticeboard.
I've been searching for something like this for a DIY project of mine (next post).
Daiso also sells it, somewhat a A4 size, or you can always purchase their photo frame-$2sgd and their cork board sheets- $2sgd which is mega thin. BUT, you can always combine a few pieces of cork board sheet together! I MIGHT do another DIY project using these materials from Daiso. (might)

#2 Shoes tree in grey-$1.80sgd comes in two sizes, large one here, Daiso have these too! Though, I can't seem to find it anymore!

#3 Jar with lid- $2.95sgd? another DIY project, a gift for J. I'll post it up soon!

#4 4jars- below $5sgd, ikea calls it the spices jar. The same DIY project for my girlfs. (:

#5 Multi-use-hanger- $9sgd
This is for me to organize my scarfs which are a lot! Previously, I used to use FIVE hangers to hang all my scarfs, 5 normal hangers as seen in the photo. Now, it looked so much neater! (:

Hi everyone, I decided to do a haul for my first post. (:

(You can skip this whole paragraph and get to the haul if you cant stand reading so much. )
So, my bro is getting married somewhere during June'12, I know, the world is ending on 2012, but as of now, life still goes on right? You must be wondering, what has my bro getting married have anything to do with this haul. Well, it has everything to do with this haul! He is moving out!! Which also happens on June'12, and I'll finally get my own room! Gasp* After 21 years, okay, 22, I'm turning 22(meh). Let's not be dampen by the age issue, okay, so ever since he told me that his BTO will be ready by June'12, and he will be getting married. I've been having a lot of home deco ideas, DIY projects going thru my mind.

His room is really in a wrecked state, a really MEN room, not bothering with any details, colors, decorations and whatnot. Not to mention, UNTIDY! So really, this is a very BIG project.
Now, after waiting for a couple of years, it's finally dec'11!
Christmas is coming, blahblahblah. && I can finally really start to hunt for furnitures and people wouldn't think I'm crazy. Not that I've started hunting. I merely went ikea to have a look, to see if there is anymore new ideas, better ideas. Yes, i already have a rough gauge, what I wanna buy, and where it will be.

I know, #kan chiong, but I can't help it, I'm excited about it, if I may, over excited will be a much more accurate term.
So after my grandmother story (after all, it's my first post!), let's get started!

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