Sunday, 9 September 2012

Short update: Busy busy

Hello everybody!

I’m currently busy with my upcoming projects, tests and many other personal errands that I’ve neglected in the past. As many of you might know, I’m kinda not done with my room yet. Those that are following me over at chictopia and lookbook would probably know that I haven’t been uploading much. I used to upload every other day, but I went missing for almost three weeks there. So, I decided to do a short update here, to inform you girls that I’m not gone, just got caught up with my school and personal life. I’ll be back with more frequent updates hopefully by the end of September. I’ll use this time to catch up with my chictopia and lookbook too. Hopefully everything would be back to normal by October. 

Long story short, I'll be uploading less often for now, not for long....

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